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Our creative Style

My Philosophy on Wedding Photography:

Every couple have an unique story of their own to tell that requires a slightly different approach to translate properly into images.  I always like to take the time to get to know my clients better, understand what's important to them, and get a feel of what makes them tick as a couple.

The idea that Photo Kronology was created on is very simple: To Illustrate a story with images captured from a series of memorable moments, as well as all the little things in between. When you look at a good photograph, it should take you back to that very given time and place where it was taken, and makes you reflect on what made that moment so memorable.  

At the end of the day, what ultimately give your photos meaning isn't the venue, the dress, or the posing. My focus is on the subject, the emotions, expressions, and interactions.  Those are the things that makes an image beautiful.  


crafted by photobiz