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We're a proud community partner of the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA.  50% of the net proceeds from each of our standard pet sessions are donated to support their cause of bettering the lives of animals in need! 

Giving back to the community has always been a mission of Photo Kronology. While this is only a very small step towards that goal, we couldn't be happier to have PHS as our first community partner in our effort! Pets are more than just cute fuzzy furry beings that we feed. They are our best friends, our family, and beyond. That bond is so unique words often fail to describe it. We look forward to meeting all the loving pet owners, to hear their stories, and help them preserve the special memories they have with beautiful images of their beloved pets!

There are many more worthy causes out there also deserving of our attention. We will continue to work hard to expand our reach, seek out more community partners and orgs to work with, improve our fundraising program to make a bigger difference, and always strive to give back at the highest capacity we can afford.

We will soon start running the same fundraiser promo on other portrait sessions we offer, as well as adding to the list of NPOs we work with, so all of our patrons will have a chance to give back and the option of choosing which one of our affiliated NPOs they'd like their donation to go to.

For collaborations on fundraising initiatives or more information about our pet sessions, please contact us at or 626-765-5968.  

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